In case the secret wasn’t already getting out about the beauty of the Ozarks surrounding Fayetteville and nearby communities, an Architectural Digest feature about the filming of HBO’s True Detective Season 3 definitely puts the region in the spotlight.

For much of 2018, film crews became a normal part of daily life in Northwest Arkansas. As Anne Roderique-Jones of Architectural Digest describes, the hidden nooks and crannies of the lush environment took on a starring role in the hit anthology series—helping the rest of the world get a taste of blue-green waters, trails traversing lush forests, caverns and towering bluffs. “A marriage of bracing beauty and undiscovered topography that once drew fisherman and hunters is becoming a filmmaker’s dream,” says Roderique-Jones.

The pristine natural qualities found throughout the Ozarks are nothing new, but the article points out the transforming Northwest Arkansas metropolis has in recent years ushered in large-city amenities which offers visitors a surprising array of choices. The True Detective production team marveled at the diversity of experiences available in the region, both natural and manmade.

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