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It's good to be hungry when you're in Fayetteville, but it's hard to stay that way! Fayetteville’s authentic, diverse culinary scene continually expands thanks to a new wave of restaurateurs showcasing regional ingredients and reinventing traditional dishes. Unique culinary experiences include farm-to-table restaurants and artisan coffee shops that roast locally. Long-time staples to locals are must-try institutions for visitors that want to dive into a food culture that reflects Fayetteville’s personality.

Here, it’s a melting pot of local, international, and fusion flavors. From fine dining to food truck courts, comfort food to new favorites - whatever you or your crew are hungry for, Fayetteville serves it up!

Outdoor dining is available at many of our restaurants along with sidewalk cafes and public picnic areas. Plus, an impressive display of food trucks serving lunch, dinner, snacks, and sweets can be found all throughout Fayetteville.

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Our Dining Guide includes a list of the many great restaurants in Fayetteville, Arkansas, as well as features on some of our favorite spots. Download a copy or view our online flipbook.



In addition to our Dining Guide, you can also find information about local restaurants, including hours of operation, reviews, menus, and more, using the following resources:


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