Fayetteville continues to embrace emerging modes of transportation for locals and visitors alike. 

Two new electric scooter-share services – Spin and Lime –offer fun, alternative ways to explore Fayetteville. Similar to Fayetteville’s bikeshare program, VeoRide, the e-scooters have a ten-square-mile service area. They can be found in the downtown and entertainment district as well as the University of Arkansas campus.

How to Use the Electric Scooter-Share Services

To get started, download the complimentary mobile app from either brand. Once downloaded, an account needs to be created and for a small fee, the e-scooter will unlock. A smaller per-minute fee is accrued during usage.

Powered by an electric motor, the e-scooters have a larger weight capacity for adult riders and let users zip along at speeds up to 15mph.

To ride a scooter, start by placing one foot in the middle of the footboard. Put both hands on the handlebar and then use your free foot to give the scooter a couple of gentle kicks forward. Next, move that free foot behind the foot already on the footboard. Once you are balanced on the scooter, gently press down on the throttle on the right side of the handlebars to engage the motor.

To manage your speed while moving, use the brake lever on the left side of the handlebars. When coming to a complete stop, press the brake lever all the way down. Fayetteville is called the “The Hill” (for a reason) so use extra caution when going downhill.

Because the scooter-share services are dockless, e-scooters should be parked in areas not blocking pedestrian or vehicle access. Please avoid blocking sidewalks, access ramps, bus stops, and landscaped areas. Park the scooter by the edge of the sidewalk (closest to the street), near bike racks, or in designated scooter drop zones. Some areas may be designated as no parking zones with a virtual boundary around a geographic location the scooter will warn you of.

To end your ride, just appropriately park the e-scooter and use the mobile app to lock the scooter for the next person to enjoy.

Safety Tips to Know

For safety, e-scooter users are required to follow the same traffic laws as bicyclists. E-scooters can be ridden anywhere that bicycles are allowed including streets, bike lanes and paved trails (including the Razorback Regional Greenway).

Users are not allowed to ride e-scooters on sidewalks that are adjacent to building entrances. However, scooters can be ridden on sidewalks that do not. E-scooter users should yield to pedestrians.

It’s recommended that users follow standard bicycle safety tips while operating an e-scooter, including wearing a helmet.

An Alternative Approach to Explore Fayetteville’s Trail Network

The e-scooters offer a leisurely alternative to experience over 40-miles of shared use paved trails in Fayetteville. From uptown to downtown, you’ll find the bikeshare and e-scooter-share services stationed all along Fayetteville’s trails.

For more information on Fayetteville, our growing trail network, or to push off on your first e-scooter adventure just come by the Experience Fayetteville Visitors Center located at 21 S Block Avenue on our Historic Downtown Square.

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