Fayetteville has long been the art center of Northwest Arkansas, due in part to the University of Arkansas. Fayetteville also has cultivated a flourishing arts culture as a result of being a community that invests in and supports its local artists.

The visual arts in Fayetteville include a wide array of opportunities for visitors to enjoy the local culture — for free — such as murals, sculptures and installations by both local and world-renown artists, as well as public art galleries that feature amazing art reflective of and inspired by Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas and the beautiful natural surroundings of the Ozarks.

Experience Fayetteville sat down with several local artists — George Dombek, Kathy Thompson, Jason Jones, Matt Miller, Joelle Storet and Cindy Arsaga — to discuss the arts culture in Fayetteville.

In this video, the six artists explore several topics, including their inspiration and vision; what attracts creative personalities to Fayetteville; why Fayetteville is such a diverse, art-friendly environment; and events and things to do that encourage visitors to experience our immersive arts culture.

Experience Fayetteville was given a glimpse into the studios and creative process of Dombek, Thompson, Jones, Miller, Arsaga and Storet (who also serves as the gallery manager and curator of Art Ventures).

Other art that can be seen includes the extraordinary public art installments of the Green Candy Art Action, which was curated by JustKids and includes pieces by international artists Bordalo II (Portugal), Malaysian-based Ernest Zacharevic (Lithuania), wonder-duo Bicicleta Sem Freio (Brazil) and Marina Zumi (Argentina), along with Jones and fellow Arkansas artist Gina Gallina (Eureka Springs).

Enjoy the video, and let it inspire you to come visit to and explore the Fayetteville arts culture!

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