On November 4th-6th, the public is invited to view local artist Mark Jackson’s AUTOCOLOR Technica at his exclusive new gallery space in North Fayetteville, VELESERO.

Atop a hill that provides a peek at Old Main, VELESERO exists within a building that is itself a work of art. Designed specifically for its current purpose, VELESERO’s floor-to-ceiling windows provide light and local color to the ultra-modern gallery space. As the weather and lighting shift, so does your experience with the art that surrounds you.

PXL 20211028 154003951.MP minMark’s work is the result of his “magic process”, a particular technique he’s been honing since 2017, that initially presents itself as a type of distressed mixed media. Upon closer examination, you realize the pieces are actually photographs -- but they feel like a painting. The gallery walls are occupied with primarily large-scale artwork that are full of light, color, and whimsy, many inhabiting the space between still life and surreal.

After all, VELESERO is not, as Mark put it, “a normal gallery”. On the final day of the AUTOCOLOR Technica exhibit, 2,056 NFTs will be released -- the quantity an homage to the gallery’s establishment date. As the first art gallery to introduce NFTs on the Fantom blockchain, VELESERO, in its own way, already lives in the future.

AUTOCOLOR Technica will be featured from November 4th-6th, 2021. Visitors can drop in to VELESERO, located at 7200 South Pleasant Ridge Drive, any time between noon and 9pm.

For more information about the gallery, pricing and availability, and photos of Mark Jackson’s work, please visit velesero.com.


“Where does color live/how loud does it yell/how strong does it taste/how soft does it feel/how long does it last?

Color. The idea. The destination. The voice. It’s all through us.

I’m rattling through color. Curious. Surprised. So I made these images. I want you to SEE them and tell me what you think.

I call this AUTOCOLOR Technica.

Please come.”

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