Art enthusiasts in Fayetteville should make sure to see “Shared Experiences,” an exhibit by the NWA Black Artists Collective, which is being held at The Artist’s Laboratory Theatre, located at 1030 S. College Ave.

The art exhibit highlights the experience of black and African-American individuals in Northwest Arkansas. It includes works by artists Veronica Huff, Madison Moon, Raven Cook and Cory Perry, the exhibit’s producer.

“The thesis of the show is that the life experiences for black people in the [Northwest Arkansas] area haven’t really changed much, and we are still experiencing these specific perceptions of reality,” Perry said. “Mental health issues from racism and classism, discrimination, pacification and oppression against sexual expression still exist after centuries of systematic white oppression and whitewashing.

“My intention with this exhibition is to show other people, more so black people who feel alienated in this area, that they’re not alone in these experiences. In addition, to create an environment where people can connect to each other, learn more and feel more empowered to stand up and fight against systematic white oppression.”

This event is a continuation of Imagine South Fayetteville, a community gathering that took place in November. This festival was produced in partnership with the city of Fayetteville, National Endowment for the Arts and the Walmart Foundation.

The exhibit will remain up through the end of January. For more information, visit

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