It’s a handheld thing of beauty, the sandwich. Although originally a British finger food, over time the sandwich has become a staple of American cuisine. What was usually thought of as a lunchtime food has found its way into the day’s other meals — and we’re okay with that!

Within two slices of bread is typically meat, cheese and vegetables, but sandwiches have become as diverse as the people who enjoy them. With all the fun things to do in Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas, grabbing some food in between attractions and activities is a smart move.

Like trying to do everything fun in one weekend, navigating the best restaurants in Fayetteville can also be a tall order. So, to get you started, here are a few of our favorite sandwiches around Fayetteville.

Derek’s Special, Hugo’s

25 1/2 N. Block Ave.

Mostly known for their burgers, Hugo’s also features a Fayetteville favorite sandwich on its menu: Derek’s Special. This timeless classic includes a marinated chicken breast with swiss cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and honey mustard dressing on a kaiser roll. Thank you, Derek!

Cheebacca, Hammontree’s

326 N. West Ave.

If you like grilled cheese sandwiches, get thee to Hammontree’s immediately! And, if you like Star Wars and pulled pork, you definitely need to try the Cheebacca. It has sharp white cheddar and house cheese with bacon, pulled pork, grilled onions and garlic cilantro on sourdough. May the force be with your belt.

The Costanza, Little Bread Co.

116 N. Block Ave.

When you want a breakfast sandwich that does not suffer from shrinkage, look to the Costanza! Our friends at Little Bread Company combine avocado, swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce and red onion on your choice of bagel (which is freshly baked).

Bang Pow Chicken, Green Submarine

3315 W. Wedington Dr.

Both hot and cold sandwiches at Green Submarine are delicious, but we want to tell you about the Bang Pow Chicken. It has pan-seared chicken breast with Sriracha aioli, leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes, cucumber slices and sprouts. (BTW, check out the “secret ninja menu” on their website!)

Grand Canyon, Loafin’ Joe’s

201 W. Mountain St.

Serving up six or 12 inches of sublime taste sensations for more than 25 years, Loafing’ Joe’s is a Fayetteville sandwich institution. One of it’s most popular creations is the Grand Canyon, which features roast beef, bacon, hot pepper cheese and a combination of barbecue sauce and ranch dressing.

Off-the-Rails Cubano, The Green Goat

MLK Blvd. and S. Wood Ave.

The Green Goat food truck combines Cuban cuisine with tastes of the Ozarks for a truly amazing combo. One sandwich in particular, the Off-the-Rails Cubano, is Fayetteville’s twist on the Cuban sandwich, with goat cheese, ham and mojo pork with a house-made mango, jalapeño and pineapple jam. Stop Havana daydreamin’ and go!

The Gobbler, TJ’s Sandwich Shop

908 Rolling Hills Drive

To single out one sandwich at a sandwich shop is impossible. But, one of TJ’s most popular sandwiches is one of its steamers, the Gobbler (pictured at the top). It has pan-seared turkey breast with caramelized onions, bacon and cream cheese. To spice it up, add some jalapeños!

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