Objectively Flat, a curated art show exploring the boundaries and “flatness” of art in a post-internet world, will be exhibited at the sUgAR Gallery in downtown Fayetteville from March 11-18, 2022.

On its surface, Objectively Flat is an exhibition about 2 chairs. Look closer, and it’s much more than that: the show seeks to highlight the phenomenon of how the art and media we consume are “flattened”. Our collective understanding and appreciation of art continues to expand as we shift into an increasingly digital world where we can, and do, engage with art on a much more regular basis! The chairs in question at this exhibit will transform through a journey of mediums, highlighting the change in understanding that happens as we spread our ideas and our art across various outlets - and into future spaces. 

Have you ever seen the Mona Lisa? Starry Night? Girl with a Pearl Earring? How about as jpegs?! It’s plain to see that art isn’t just for galleries anymore - that cultural experience has also “flattened” as our ability to share art has grown. This “flatness” has happened in everything and shattered the concept of objects and art fitting neatly in a specific genre, place, or purpose. We experience it daily, through photo, audio, and video and the result is a world in which memes can have the same level of exposure - sometimes even more - as famous paintings.

Now, Objectively Flat strives to point out, the layout of a gallery space is just as important as the art displayed. The world and all of the potential art within it live and die by the way they are recorded and shared. We, as consumers of art, notice the space before the art - the gallery space itself serving as a “canvas” for the art we place within. The architects of the buildings are artists. Curators choose music for exhibits and transform into modern-world DJs. Everything art can exist on the same plane now, thanks to the highly connected world we all inhabit. After all, much of today’s art ends up in the same place: “flattened” as a photo on Instagram, to be consumed and shared.

Objectively Flat is a collaboration between the University of Arkansas and EO Space, a multidisciplinary, independently owned creative agency based in Fayetteville. The EO team is a small cadre of five members who collectively partner with projects of meaning and change to inspire and support young creatives and business owners. The team of artists works largely with nonprofits, designers, and small businesses to drive new experiences through community events, arts production, and design.

sUgAR, the University of Arkansas Student Gallery hosting the exhbit, is a student-run exhibition space located at 1 East Center Street in downtown Fayetteville. For more information about Objectively Flat, you can visit EO Space’s Instagram page.

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