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2018-19 Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball Schedules

Fayetteville is home to the University of Arkansas which means it’s a thriving college town with lots of Arkansas Razorback sporting events. Throughout the cooler months, Bud Walton Arena roars with excitement as the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams take on the some of the most difficult opponents in the SEC and beyond.

Arkansas is in its 26th season at Bud Walton Arena, fondly known as the Basketball Palace of Mid-America. The Razorbacks have ranked in the top 30 in national attendance in all 25 years playing in Bud Walton Arena, including 10th in the 2017-18 season. With stats like those and a booming town of art, restaurants, nightlife, and things to do, it’s easy to see why Fayetteville, Arkansas was voted the best place to live in the SEC.

Plan your trip to Fayetteville and experience the roaring excitement of a game in Bud Walton Arena. Click here to browse a list of places to stay in Fayetteville and get ready to "Call those Hogs!" 

Men's Razorback Basketball 2018-19 Schedule

Dec. 1: FIU
Dec. 5: @Colorado State
Dec. 8: Western Kentucky
Dec. 15: UTSA @North Little Rock
Dec. 19: Georgia Tech
Dec. 22: Texas State
Dec. 28: Austin Peay
Jan. 5: @ Texas A&M
Jan 9: Florida
Jan 12: LSU
Jan 15: @Tennessee
Jan 19: @Ole Miss
Jan 23: Missouri
Jan 26: @Texas Tech
Jan 29: Georgia
Feb 2: @LSU
Feb 5: Vanderbilt
Feb 9: @South Carolina
Feb 12: @Missouri
Feb 16: Mississippi State
Feb 20: @Auburn
Feb 23: Texas A&M
Feb 26: @Kentucky
Mar 2: Ole Miss
Mar 6: @Vanderbilt
Mar 9: Alabama
Mar 13-17: SEC Tournament

Women's Razorback Basketball 2018-19 Schedule

Nov 28: Oral Roberts
Dec 2: @Iowa State
Dec 4: Tennessee Tech
Dec 8: Abilene Christian
Dec 16: Prarie View A&M
Dec 18: Nebraska
Dec 20: @Tulsa
Dec 30: Jackson State
Jan 3: Mississippi StateD
Jan 6: @ Ole Miss
Jan 10: @Missouri
Jan 13: Vanderbilt
Jan 21: Tennessee
Jan 24: Alabama
Jan 27: @Florida
Jan 3: Georgia
Feb 3: South Carolina
Feb 7: @LSU
Feb 10: Auburn
Feb 17: @Kentucky
Feb 21: @Georgia
Feb 24: Ole Miss
Feb 28: Missouri
March 3: @Texas A&M
March 6-10: SEC Tournament
March 22-25: TBA Campus Sites
March 29 – April: TBA Tournament
April 5&7: TBA Tampa, FL

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