Stay Like a Local with Cohobnb

If you want to experience Fayetteville like a true local, staying in a vacation rental is as immersive as it gets! While there’s no wrong way to enjoy Fayetteville, a cozy spot to call your own for your visit gives you a place to park, a home base to enjoy our walkable community, and a peaceful spot where you can soak in our delightfully scenic city on your own schedule.

Fayetteville has an excellent variety of vacation rentals sprinkled throughout the city, offering guests a wide selection of services and amenities and a varied selection of local attractions to stay near. Cohobnb, a local Northwest Arkansas company, offers several of these unique-to-Fayetteville stays, specializing in the luxurious and unusual.

What is Cohobnb, anyway?

Cohobnb is a local short-term rental and property management company that provides a wide array of unique luxury vacation rentals across Northwest Arkansas. Whether you’re looking to stay in a downtown studio apartment with an epic balcony view, a classic southern farmhouse with a wrap-around porch, a designer home right on the lake, or a mansion that can sleep 32 guests, you’ll find what you need to experience the beauty, fun, and entertainment of Fayetteville in your home away from home.

How are these properties more unique than any other Airbnb?

Cohobnb’s SoFay Farmhouse, an often-featured location in the travel community, was specifically designed to be a vacation rental - not many other VRBOs can say the same! There are also several properties available that drop you right in the middle of the action in Fayetteville, offering walkability to the University of Arkansas, the Historic Downtown Square, and the Dickson Street Entertainment District - the ultimate live-like-a-local experience.

But won’t I miss all of the amenities that are included when you stay at a hotel?

Cohobnb specializes in making vacation rentals luxurious, so unlike renting Aunt Sally’s extra room on Airbnb, you’ll find whichever location you choose specifically set up for your ultimate enjoyment! Included are luxury amenities, soaps, linens, kitchen goods, and all the details you’ll need to feel at home. Plus, Cohobnb is able to offer continuous guest services similar to what you’d find in a hotel, including a responsive texting concierge, on-call housekeeping, and by-request maintenance to ensure that you are well taken care of while you enjoy experiencing Fayetteville.

Does Cohobnb have any ideas to share about things to do and places to eat?

One of the fabulous parts of booking a vacation rental through a local company is the true-to-life recommendations! The team of locals at Cohobnb love going to the Farmer’s Market, enjoying Gulley Park concerts, visiting the Lights of the Ozarks holiday lights display on the town square, and sipping on warm, seasonal, fall-inspired drinks at Maxine’s Bar and Taproom. As Fayetteville folks, they know it’s hard to choose with so many delicious options available, but always suggest local eateries Hugo's, Arsaga's at the Mill District, Feed & Folly, Khana, and Theo's when it’s time to grab a bite.

All right, you’ve convinced me! How do I book a Cohobnb vacation rental?

You can book directly on the website -- or you can call 833-COHOBNB (it rhymes!) and ask for the reservations team. Pro-tip: booking directly rather than on third party websites like Airbnb eliminates any “additional fees” or “processing fees” that may be tacked onto your booking total.

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