Where to Get Inked in Fayetteville
Ink Therapy Tattoo Shop in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Tattoo tourism is on the rise around the globe–and for good reason. By visiting a city's vibrant tattoo scene, you get a window into a world of unique styles. You also get the opportunity to connect with a brilliant artist who has cultivated an education and practice in that place.

Fayetteville sits at an intersection of both the south and the midwest, which means when you get tattooed here, you'll meet experts who unite the artistry of these regions. Specializations include folk art, American traditional tattoos, watercolors, LGBTQ+ designs, and more. Just decide which art style feels most like you, and reach out to an artist you love. Here are some of Fayetteville's premiere tattoo shops and their specialties to help you choose where to get inked.

Paper Doll Tattoo

333 W. Poplar St., Suite B

Inclusive and artist-owned, Paper Doll is locally famous for their studio's queer, feminine vibes and each of their artists' particular styles, which range from twists on 90s pop culture to antique collectables turned body art. In the shop, check out their gallery wall of flash tattoos that include vintage corningware, quilt squares, cows, cats, and cowboys. You can make an appointment by messaging Paper Dolls' individual artists on Instagram for flash or custom work.

Paper Doll Tattoo Shop Fayetteville Arkansas

Goblin House Tattoo Studio

11 N. Block Ave. #5

No, you're not in Middle Earth–you're at Goblin House Tattoo. If you love tattoos where your imagination can take flight, Goblin House is the tattoo shop for you. Joshua Nichols, who owns the shop, specializes in adorable fantasy and anime tattoos in vibrant hues. Walk-ins are welcome, but they'd love a call if you're planning to come by! You can also collaborate with an artist ahead of your appointment by reaching out through their website.

Brainstorm Tattoo

2237 S. School Ave.

American traditional art studio Brainstorm Tattoo is renowned in Fayetteville and beyond for their stunning takes on this classic style. With bold colors and expert shading, the artists at Brainstorm skillfully capture the iconic motifs of this old school form. Brainstorm takes walk-ins on Saturdays starting at about 2 p.m., depending on artist availability. Book an appointment by calling the shop or direct messaging the artists on Instagram.

Ice House Tattoo

339 N. West Ave., Unit 101

Realistic tattoo parlor Ice House Tattoo hires artists who will take what's in your head and put it on your skin in high-definition. Whether you're looking for flowers with immaculate line work, animals, or even human faces, get down to the details with big pieces that will make any art-lover look twice. Ice House specializes in custom tattoos, so reach out by call or email to book your appointment.

Stigma Ink

2418 N. Gregg Ave. #1

Looking for more than body art? For an award-winning, one-stop spot for both body piercings and tattoos, visit Stigma Ink, a woman-owned and operated tattoo shop in Fayetteville known for its variety of styles and talented artists. Connect with artists who specialize in florals, medieval dragons, illustrative scenes, and watercolors. Walk-ins welcome (subject to artist availability), or you can book in advance by visiting their website or Instagram.

Byrd House Tattoo Studio

6002 Wilkerson St.

Do geometric and celestial tattoos with expert shading draw your eye? Shannon Byrd works in both color and realistic, detailed blackwork, and she specializes in cover-up tattoos. Shannon's cozy, clean, and private studio is the perfect place for your next tattoo experience. Since Byrd House Tattoo is a private studio, call or email Shannon to book.

Ink Therapy

125 E. Township St. #9

Watercolor, fine-line, and cartoon art fans can all find what they're looking for at Ink Therapy, a studio focused on an elevated and relaxed tattoo experience. Owner Lex Ly's watercolor tattoos bloom with story, one color unfolding beautifully into the next while artist Justin Nogy can draw stunning dream-like, detailed images on skin, one line at a time. Jody Hughes is the third prong of this masterful trio, specializing in realistic cartoon art. Direct Message Ink Therapy on Instagram to book an appointment today.

Ink Therapy Tattoo Prep Fayetteville Arkansas

Black Rainbow Tattoo

1617 N. College Ave. # 6

Centered on traditional American and Japanese tattoo styles, Black Rainbow specializes in bringing classic images like roses, skulls, tigers, panthers and beyond to life in vivid colors. Stop in and browse their gallery of stylish flash tattoos, or reach out to one of their tattoo artists on their website to ask for a tattoo design that's uniquely yours.

What draws you to Fayetteville's tattoo studios and keeps you coming back? Let us know!

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