Take Advantage of Fayetteville’s ORA

Fayetteville, Arkansas was one of the first cities in the nation to pilot an Outdoor Refreshment Area (ORA), allowing visitors and residents of legal drinking age to openly carry and consume alcohol in our downtown entertainment district. Today, the ORA is a mainstay in downtown Fayetteville and remains one of very few places in the United States where you can legally drink in the street!

The Outdoor Refreshment Area is open seven days a week from 10am to 10pm. Guests 21 years of age and older can carry and consume alcoholic beverages in designated cups while wearing the official wristband on public sidewalks and other public areas within the boundary of the district. Beverages in ORA cups must be purchased from a participating establishment (listed below) and may not be brought into another alcohol-serving establishment.

To start sipping and strolling, choose from our long list of businesses that are happy to supply you with a wristband and official ORA cup! Any type of alcoholic beverage can go in the cup, as long as it’s provided within the district. After that, you’re all set! Experience the thrill of grabbing a cold beer or specialty cocktail and walking straight out into the open air on the streets of Fayetteville and you'll wonder how you ever did it any other way.

While you’re exploring Fayetteville’s gorgeous downtown historic district with a drink in hand, remember to be respectful of our local businesses and don’t bring a drink inside without permission. Be sure to keep your ORA cup to yourself, even if you’re with folks over the age of 21 - they aren’t transferable!

We want you to have a blast and enjoy the ORA, but remember - all other city and State of Arkansas laws still apply. Don’t bring alcohol from outside the district to consume in ORA cups, and please drink responsibly. Support businesses safely, and have a ball in downtown Fayetteville!

The ORA boundary is roughly square, bounded by Watson to the north, Mountain to the south (plus the connecting Fay Jones Woods, Lower Ramble, and Trail), East Ave. to the east, and West Ave. to the west. Approved routes have been added to include areas such as the Mill district and businesses along Dickson west of the train tracks. Don’t worry if you’re not too familiar with the area - there are several ORA signs posted along the border of the district to help you out!

Check out the map below for a guide to Fayetteville’s ORA boundaries, or explore this ORA guide for consumers, courtesy of the City of Fayetteville.

fayetteville ar ORA map

Grab a drink from any Fayetteville business that participates in the Outdoor Refreshment Area (ORA):

Participating Anchor Institutions
Walton Arts Center, 495 W Dickson Street
George's Majestic Lounge, 519 W Dickson Street
TheatreSquared, 477 W Spring Street
Fayetteville Town Center, 15 W Mountain Street

Participating Hotel
Graduate Fayetteville, 70 N East Avenue

Participating Restaurants
Mo'tacos and Churros, 329 N West Avenue
Eros Teatro, 329 N West Avenue
Arsaga's Mill District, 481 S School Ave
Doe's Eat Place, 316 W Dickson Street
Grub's Bar & Grille, 220 N West Ave
Doomsday Coffee & Roasterie, 436 W Watson Street
Loafin' Joes, 201 W Mountain Street
Atlas The Restaurant, 208 N Block Ave
Theo's Fayetteville, 318 Campbell Ave
JJ's Grill Dickson, 324 W Dickson Street
Jammin Java, 1 W Mountain Street
Hugo's 25 N Block Ave
Cheers at the OPO, 1 W Center Street
Tiny Tim’s Pizza/West Mountain Brewing Co, 21 W Mountain Street
Axis Lounge, 25 E Center Street
Big Box Karaoke, 115 N Block Ave
Tula, 1 E Center Street
Bordinos, 310 W Dickson Street
Farrell’s Lounge Bar and Grill, 311 W Dickson Street, Suite 101
Tony’s Pizza, 412 W Dickson Street
Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese, 326 N West Ave
Marley's Pizzeria & Bar, 609 W Dickson
Prelude Breakfast Bar, 509 W Spring Street

Participating Bars
The AM/PM Bar, 546 W Center Street (St. Unit B)
Kingfish, 262 N School Ave
Prairie St. Bar & Tap, 495 W Prairie Street
Maxine’s Tap Room, 107 N Block Avenue
Vault, 112 W Center Street
Pinpoint Pinball Bar, 23 N Block Ave
Cannibal and Craft, 212 W Dickson
The Amendment, 406 W Dickson Street
Infusion, 416 W Dickson Street
Brewski's, 408 W Dickson Street
Dickson Street Pub, 303 W Dickson Street
Shotz, 495 W Dickson Street
Yeehawg, 402 W Dickson Street
Bugsy’s, 526 W Dickson Street
The Green Room, 326 N West Ave
C4 Nightclub and Lounge, 509 W Spring Street
Rogers Recreation Hall, 406 W Dickson Street
Sideways, 311 W Dickson Street
Puritan Coffee and Beer, 205 W Dickson Street
The Piano Bar, 230 W Dickson Street
Cork and Keg, 509 W Spring Street
American Shaman Kava Bar, 509 W Spring Street
Busters, 420 W Dickson Street
Ryleigh’s 313 W Dickson Street
West End, 339 N West Ave
Prairie Street Live!, 509 W Prairie Street
VIP Lounge, 326 N West Ave
Rendezvous Hookah Lounge, 550 W Dickson Street
Big, 420 W Dickson Street


Visit the City of Fayetteville’s website for additional information regarding the ORA.


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