There are a handful of true institutions which contribute substantially more than their share to help keep the funky in Fayetteville—and one of those places is Flying Possum Leather. Established in 1976, this wonderful shop is committed to creating and selling custom items at a time when mass production has nearly overtaken the artistry and craftsmanship of handmade leather work.

Your first step into Flying Possum, located at 20 E. Center, will fill your nose with the unmistakable smell of genuine, quality leather. Once you begin to explore, you’ll find quite an array of shoes, boots, jewelry, gloves, wallets, bags and even pet collars. Area musicians swear by the shop’s famous Walker acoustic guitar straps, used by legends like Neil Young, Willie Nelson and Connor Oberst. Additional custom straps are available for banjos, mandolins and electric guitars.

For many who’ve always called Fayetteville home, the shop has provided what many would consider a rite of passage: the purchase of a first coveted pair of Birkenstocks. Flying Possum was the city’s first Birkenstock store and is still the only repair dealer in the state. Yet, as valued as a seasoned pair of Birks may be, the team at Flying Possum also create one-of-a-kind custom sandals and other leather items to suit any personal style.

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