September, 2017  

Fayetteville is for the Dogs

Going on vacation is always exciting, but the sad eyes your pooch makes as you back out the driveway is heartbreaking. We want to do everything else with them, so why shouldn’t your dog go on vacation, too? The next time you plan on having a weekend getaway in Fayetteville, bring along your dog!

Fayetteville is a great destination for you and your canine companion. In fact, Arkansas was recently named the top "dog-loving state" by the American Veterinary Medical Association, and Fayetteville is a great example why.

Fayetteville is overflowing with natural areas and parks, encompassing 3,000 acres of land, 70 parks with 40 miles of paved and natural trails, three lakes, and more. Whatever you want to do here, it’s free of charge. Fayetteville parks are the perfect place for a puppy picnic and that game of fetch you’ve been meaning to have.

Many hotels in Fayetteville are pet-friendly, all of which are noted in the Fayetteville Visitor’s Guide. Additionally, businesses in Fayetteville often have specialty items for our furry friends. For example, Bliss Cupcakes makes “Pup Cakes,” Pedal Pops offers a “Pupsicle” (frozen chicken broth) and Nomads Music Lounge serves up Puppy Smoothies on the second Saturday of each month.

Throughout the year, Fayetteville hosts an array of family friendly events, from music festivals and block parties to sporting events. While animal attendance is almost always encouraged, some events are dedicated to our four-legged friends, including the annual Pup Crawl down Dickson Street in the spring.

Whatever you and your best friend are looking to do, Fayetteville has it, and we welcome everyone with open paws.

According to our friends at Dog Friendly Fayetteville, here is a list of several dog-friendly establishments in town:


Dickson Street Pub
Dickson Street Social Club
C4 Nightclub & Lounge
The Cork & Keg


Fossil Cove Brewery (patio)
Columbus House Brewery
Saddlebock Brewery (Springdale)
Core Brewing Company (Springdale)
Sassafras Springs Winery

Restaurant Patios

Sassy's Red House
Grub's Bar & Grill Downtown
Deluxe Burger 
Bordino's patio
Mojo's Pints & Pies
East Side Grill
Chipotle on Dickson
Meiji Japanese Sushi
Smitty's Garage
Yacht Club on College Ave.
Nomads Music Lounge
Jammin Java on the Square
Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe
Theo's patio

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