What is Cyclo-cross?

In early 2022, the world is coming to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Northwest Arkansas is currently preparing to host the 2022 Walmart UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships, which will draw athletes and fans from around the globe. This is only the second time the event has ever been held in the United States. We want to make sure visitors from around the United States and the world are ready for this exciting event in Fayetteville, and part of that is being educated about cyclo-cross. If you’re not an avid fan who is already familiar with the sport, keep reading to learn more about it.

Let’s start at the very beginning: What is Cyclo-cross?

Cyclo-cross is a unique discipline of cycling, consisting of a blend of road cycling, mountain biking, and steeplechase. It has been described as mountain biking with a road bike on a criterium-style course. It’s also the fastest-growing type of cycling around the world. Cyclo-cross races usually take place on a closed circuit in a park or other open land with terrain that’s twisty, hilly, wet, muddy, and full of obstacles. In fact, cyclo-cross riders sometimes have to dismount and carry their bikes to run up stairs, steep embankments, or other obstacles. Hey, we told you it’s unique!

Sure, the terrain is unpredictable, but at least the weather is agreeable during races, right? Not so fast. Cyclo-cross season runs from September to February, so weather conditions like rain, wind, snow, and mud aren’t uncommon. Some would say that challenging weather conditions just add to the charm of cyclo-cross.

In cyclo-cross races, the courses are fairly short and the riders complete multiple laps. It’s a very spectator-friendly sport, with some of the best cyclists in the world just a few feet away from you.

The UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships and UCI World Cup are two of the world’s biggest and most prestigious events in the world of cyclo-cross. Both of these exciting events take place in Fayetteville, Arkansas this season and will attract professional riders and teams to Northwest Arkansas. The UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup event in Fayetteville is on October 13, 2021. The UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships will be held January 28-30, 2022 in Centennial Park.

Plan your trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to be part of these thrilling cyclo-cross events. Book your hotel and be here when the next World Champions are handed the coveted Rainbow Jersey!

Now that you know all about Cyclo-Cross, check out the cyclo-cross events coming soon to Fayetteville, AR because you're going to want a front-row seat to the action! Get more information about the 2021 UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup on October 13, 2021 as well as the 2022 Walmart UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships in January. Both events will be held at Centennial Park right in the heart of Fayetteville, Arkansas USA. Learn more and get your tickets to these events at cyclocrossfayettevillear.com.

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