Ozark Randonneur
  • Event date: 2023-09-16
  • Ozark Randonneur

Ozark Randonneur

The inaugural Ozark Randonneur, a one-day cycling event featuring long-distance gravel cycling routes, embarks from Historic Downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas on Saturday, September 16th, 2023. The brand-new event will bring riders on a winding tour of gravel roads through the Ozark Mountains just east of town.

A tradition that dates back to the late 1800s, the sport of randonneuring is a long-distance, self-supported, endurance cycling challenge, completed within a predetermined time limit. Modern day road racing, bicycle touring, and time trials all grew out of randonneuring! For randonneurs and randonneusses – the men and women participating - winning is often just finishing, while camaraderie is celebrated over competition.

Beginning from downtown Fayetteville, AR - the entertainment capital of Northwest Arkansas - the inaugural Ozark Randonneur will offer two demanding distances. Participating riders can select from 122.5 or 201 mile route options, both designed to take gravel cyclists deep into the Boston Mountain Range of the Ozark Mountains. Cyclists will travel along and through iconic outdoor destinations in Arkansas including the Buffalo National River, Boxley Valley, Ozark National Forest, Hawksbill Crag and Kings River Falls.

In order to be recorded as an official finisher of the Ozark Randonneur, participants must make their return to Downtown Fayetteville before the event’s posted cut-off time. To do so, successful finishers will need to complete the 122-mile course in under 15 hours or the longer 201-mile option in under 25 hours.

Rules are kept to a minimum for the Ozark Randonneur:

  • Drafting off other participants is allowed.
  • Teamwork is allowed.
  • Obey traffic laws, don’t get lost or take shortcuts, and finish under the allotted time.

The event finishes back downtown, where in addition to the vibrant nightlife Fayetteville has to offer, participants will find options from basement bars with mouthwatering burgers to restaurants serving up gourmet grilled cheese – and everything in between. For additional event information or to register for the chance to be hailed a randonneur visit www.bikereg.com/the-ozark-randonneur.

Not quite ready to randonneur? Experience Fayetteville has curated a variety of gravel routes for all skill levels to choose from here – ideal for planning your next cycling vacation in Fayetteville, Arkansas!

The Ozark Randonneur serves as an annual fundraiser for the Ozark Gravel Cyclists, a non-profit charitable organization with a mission to support and advance a diverse community of adventure cyclists through route development, group rides, events, and educational opportunities.

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