New Stone Sculpture Park

Fayetteville, Arkansas treasures its public green spaces, recognizing the extraordinary value of designating locations throughout the community for people to freely connect with the outdoors. A recent partnership between two local residents—land owner Cary Arsaga and pocket park artist and visionary Jimmy Glen—has resulted in a new place for anyone to visit, enjoy, and even heal.

Named Stone Altar, the intimate little pocket park features stone sculpture dedicated to giving guests a place to contemplate and reflect upon their lives. Inspired by the age-old ritual of writing down personal thoughts or worries that may be holding a person back and then setting what it is written on aflame, the park gives people a place of serenity to take a specific action toward letting go and moving forward feeling lighter and more hopeful.

Stone Altar is located in south Fayetteville along the Town Branch Trail at 1762 S Stirman Avenue. Materials, financial resources and labor have been privately donated by people compelled by the mission and meaning behind the little park and its structures; as awareness grows, so does public enthusiasm for enhancing it further over time.

To learn more about Stone Altar park, its mission and future plans, visit

Director of Marketing & Communications

Director of Marketing & Communications