Visitor’s Guide profile: Joëlle Storet of Art Ventures

This year’s Fayetteville Visitor’s Guide features four profiles from a handful of influential locals to give visitors an inside track on some of the best things to do, places to eat and shop, and must-experiences while in Fayetteville. One of our profiles is Joëlle Storet, gallery manager and curator for Art Ventures on the Historic Downtown Square.

Joëlle, who is an amazing artist herself, can usually be found at Art Ventures, located at 101 W. Mountain St. Below are a few of her answers to questions we threw at her.

For the full Q&A with Joëlle — including her can’t-miss events in Fayetteville — order a Visitor’s Guide online, or stop by the Fayetteville Visitors Center to pick one up!

Name something people would be surprised to learn about you.

I learned English through American movies and hip-hop, thanks to my mother. I wasn't fluent in English until about 8th grade.

What is your favorite band?

Rochelle Bradshaw and the Hypnotion; Sophia & Christian (cello-piano duo)

What’s your favorite meal/drink in Fayetteville?

Nomad’s Music Lounge.

What’s your favorite Fayetteville view?

The top of Dickson Street. It’s where a few neighborhoods and districts connect and merge together.

If you were to move away, what would you miss the most?

The food! There is no better nostalgia than eating. Food really cultivates a city.

Tailgating or comfort of your own home?

During game days, I like to be at the studio or on the square, because I love to watch students’ families visit and learn about their kids’ new environment.

Growing up, who or what were your biggest artistic influences?

Hergé, who created the Tintin comics. He’s a Belgian native, like me. Also my grandfather, Batukezanga Zamenga, who was a novelist from Congo. I learned a lot of my African family’s history through his writings.

What do you love most about your mediums?

With painting, colors are louder than words. I like bold, black and primary colors. All growing up, I described things in colors.

What makes Fayetteville a great place for artists?

It endorses the arts, and that implements growth. It, in turn, yields a youthful progressiveness.

Besides fellow Art Ventures artists, who are your favorite NWA artists? 

There are too many to name. In fact, I love all art enthusiasts, and they’re all over Northwest Arkansas. I respect those who respect the arts.

What are your favorite art museums?

Royal Museum of Central Africa in Tervuren, Belgium, and the Computer Game Museum in Berlin, Germany. Seeing an N64 in a glass case was very surreal.

Director of Marketing & Communications

Director of Marketing & Communications