It’s not often an artist starts a piece of work with its name, then draws inspiration from those words. A much more typical path is to create and then (sometimes grudgingly) title the art to offer guidance or explanation to the viewer. Fenix Gallery is showcasing a new exhibition that celebrates the former, as they open Good Humor, Recent Works by Jan Gosnell, running through September 28, 2019. An opening reception for the public is scheduled to coincide with Fayetteville First Thursday on September 5.

Jan Gosnell has a diverse professional background as a picture painter, university art instructor, gallery owner, commercial art director, movie sketch artist, editorial cartoonist and an author/illustrator. Gosnell uses the word “integrity” to describe his work and says, “I draw and paint pictures. The source of my inspiration is both the objective world of the senses and that of the imagination. The resulting pieces by my hand have been those which initially sprang from reason and will, but in the process of manifestation, have succumbed to intent and intuition. The process and completion of each work in itself expresses the purpose of my intentions.”

This unique and captivating collection of work by Gosnell began with titles, and then he selected imagery to specifically challenge his intuition and a particular disciplined application of skill and technique. The pieces in the exhibition evoke humor, both intentional and occasionally incidental.

As an artist cooperative, Fenix Fayetteville’s exhibits not only feature a collection of work of a particular individual, but member artists also respond to the defined theme of exhibitions with their own works. For this show, the accompanying art by Fenix artists will offer variations on the theme of “Good Humor.”

Location: Fenix Fayetteville – 16 W Center Street

Hours: Wednesday through Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Cost: FREE

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