Bluebird Museum at Terra Studios
  • Event date: 2022-09-25

Head to the fantastical wonderland that is Terra Studios to explore their newest museum honoring the history and creation of everyone’s favorite little glass birds!

Terra Studios has created a museum dedicated to the iconic bluebirds they’re best known for! The museum is open during Terra Studios' normal hours. 

An imaginarium dedicated to using art to create a better world, Terra Studios is one of the most beloved attractions in Northwest Arkansas and one of the best things to do in Fayetteville! The Bluebird of Happiness® Museum is just the cherry on top of the wonderland of art and experiences to be had at Terra Studios.

Devoted to the handcrafted blue (and pink and yellow and green and more) birds that symbolized Terra Studios for over 37 years, the museum is a way to hold onto the memories of the bluebirds – which are no longer being produced. After the creation of 8 million+ individually molded Bluebirds of Happiness®, Terra Studios opted to shut down the furnaces for the final time in January 2020, citing the climate crisis. As Terra Studios searches for a more sustainable way to create the birds, the remaining birds are still available for purchase, while the museum preserves others for future generations to admire.

Beyond the museum, you’ll discover Terra Studios’ whimsical art park full of little trolls, sprawling paths, a labyrinth, a large colorful castle, and a wizard’s cave, to name a few. The six-acre park is not only fun and full of art, but also picturesque, as it’s tucked into the rolling hills of the Boston Mountain region of the Ozarks. If you’re on the hunt for a not-blue bluebird before they’re gone, a visit to the gallery is a must. Inside, you’ll find even more artful creations, many of which you can purchase and take home with you!

You can make a whole day of it by enjoying a picnic surrounded by the sculpture gardens, enormous collaborative murals, and playful fountains on the grounds. Pack a basket or choose something from the on-site cafe, which serves a selection of light, local fare. Terra Studios is open to visitors every Wednesday-Sunday from 11am-4pm. Admission is free but donations are welcome!

Terra Studios is located at 12103 Hazel Valley Road in Fayetteville, Arkansas. To learn more about Terra Studios and the Bluebird Museum, visit their website at

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