Lake Fayetteville Food Trucks

Lake Fayetteville is not only an Ozarks destination for outdoor enthusiasts, but also home to a large food truck court offering some of the most authentic cuisine in town!

Grab a bite to eat before or after exploring the trails or floating the lake, or just meet up with your friends for lunch without having to settle on one restaurant! You’ll find Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Burgers, Cheesesteaks, street food, and beyond, all served hot and fresh. If a full meal isn't on the menu for you, try one of the sweet treats, cold Thai teas, or frozen fruit delicacies that are whipped up on the spot. The lineup of a baker’s dozen food trucks situated near Lake Fayetteville offer affordable, delicious, and culturally diverse meals in an easy-to-access location.

Perfect for an outdoor lunch in the sunshine, a quick bite to tide you over, or a safe spot to refuel after a long day spent in nature, you’ll find food served at all times of day, seven days a week. Each food truck sets its own hours, so you’ll find bites to eat and picnic-goers nearly any time. If you love great food in a gorgeous setting (who doesn’t?!), we insist you head out to Lake Fayetteville and start exploring the cuisine for yourself.

While we visit and update this list as often as we can, we do recommend calling before heading out if you have your heart set on one particular food truck. If you’re feeling open-minded about dealing with the oddball hours that sometimes come with running a small family business, try your luck. You may not find what you expected, but what you do find is guaranteed to be delicious!

Food Trucks Open Now at Lake Fayetteville Food Truck Court:


kabayan eatery food truck lake fayetteville ar 525 x 525

Kabayan Eatery | website | phone (870) 736-2977

When they’re open: Tuesday-Sunday 11am-8pm
When they’re not: closed Mondays
On the menu: pork menudo, ube & avocado shakes, traditional tapsilog

Exactly what you’d expect from Filipino food, served with an eatery vibe and homey hospitality. Whether you’re homesick for your favorites from the Philippines or searching for a restaurant where you can actually try something new, Kabayan Eatery will be a winning spot for you!

apples thai nee kitchen food truck lake fayetteville ar 525 x 525

Apple’s Thai-nee Kitchen | Instagram | Facebook | phone (479) 379-0656

When they’re open: Monday, Wednesday-Friday 11:30am-2:30pm & 3:30-7:30pm; Saturday-Sunday 11:30am-7:30pm
When they’re not: closed Tuesdays
On the menu: Thai chicken wings, mango sticky rice, fried tofu

Dishes from Thai and Lao cuisine are piled high in healthy portions at Apple’s Thai-nee Kitchen, where you’ll also find fun fusion options like Pho Burritos (“pho-urrito”) on the menu. Most dishes can be ordered with tofu as the star protein, giving those hunting for vegan and vegetarian food options a wide range of choices. Order the off-menu “butterfly tea” to enjoy a twisted treat for your tastebuds!

taco salsa food truck lake fayetteville ar 525 x 560

 Taco Salsa | phone (479) 283-3089

When they’re open: Monday 3:30-8pm; Tuesday-Thursday 10am-8pm; Friday 3:30-8pm; Saturday-Sunday 11am-8pm
When they’re not: Monday & Friday mornings
On the menu: birria tacos, breakfast burritos, chicken tinga

Stop for a second look at Taco Salsa, whose minimal food truck is no match for the explosive flavors coming from inside! Traditional Mexican dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner flesh out a full menu of the authentic meals you’ve been craving. Check here for items prepared with staple ingredients like mole rojo, nopales, and chicharron that are often not found at “standard” Mexican restaurants.

fabys mexican taqueria food truck lake fayetteville ar pt 1

Faby’s Mexican Food (Faby’s Taqueria) | Facebook | phone (479) 318-9895

When they’re open: Monday-Thursday 11am-8pm; Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm; Sunday 1-9pm
When they’re not: Sunday mornings
On the menu: tortas, Cubano sandwiches, aguas frescas

Faby’s features everything you need and want out of a taqueria! Street tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, tlayudas and more are cooked to order seven days a week out of this delightful food truck. Look for the bright orange box! Faby’s Mexican Food is a particularly great dining option for families at Lake Fayetteville, with accessible dishes and a prime spot for picnicking.

raspados mimi food truck lake fayetteville ar

Raspados Mimi | website | Facebook | phone (479) 283-7638

When they’re open: Tuesday 11am-8pm; Wednesday 11am-6pm; Thursday-Saturday 11am-8pm; Sunday 3-8pm
When they’re not: closed Mondays
On the menu: esquites, chamoyadas, tamales

Raspados translates to “shaved ice”, but that’s just the start of the sweet and savory snacks you’ll discover at Raspados Mimis. It’s a must-stop for anyone looking for a Mexican delicacy or an irresistible cold treat! Some say this is the only place in town to get truly traditional tlayudas and we’re partial to the fruit cup: freshly diced seasonal produce, melons, and juicy fruits smothered in tajin, chamoy, and the perfect amount of lime.


Ying Chang Hmong & Chinese Hot Food | Facebook | phone (479) 966-7789

When they’re open: Monday-Sunday 12-7pm
When they’re not: before noon
On the menu: fried fish, chicken rolls, boba tea

Ying Chang Hmong & Chinese is known for their savory ‘can’t beat the price’ platters created with time-honored sauces and flavors. The portions are generous and filling, no matter what you choose - even if you go with something like Ying Chang’s surprisingly tasty fried chicken. The seasoning packs a punch and you’ll walk away with a piping hot plate of food every time - great for taking it to go!

el gym food truck lake fayetteville ar 525 x 525

El Gym | Facebook | phone (479) 685-4972

When they’re open: Monday, Wednesday-Saturday 11:30am-9:00pm; Sunday 12-8:30pm
When they’re not: closed (most) Tuesdays
On the menu: signature hamburgers, specialty hot dogs, avocado sandwich

Come for the burgers and stay for the fries! Locals rave about the juicy handmade burgers at El Gym, and for good reason. Even if a hamburger isn’t your thing, you’ll have an easy time finding something to enjoy from the expansive menu. The portions are spot on, with quick service to boot! If you’re feeling adventurous, try one of El Gym’s hot dog options, piled high with mouthwatering ingredients that turn your childhood favorite into a grown-up lunch.


 Taqueria Leo’s | website | phone (479) 530-1382

When they’re open: Monday-Saturday 11am-8pm
When they’re not: closed Sundays
On the menu: chimichangas, mojarra, chilindrinas

Taqueria Leo’s feels like your community taqueria no matter where you’re from! Here, you’ll find homestyle Mexican tacos, tortas, sopes, tamales, sweet treats and plenty of specialty items to help you expand your palate. The menu features plenty of “classic” Mexican dishes that will be familiar to many, but you can also try traditional dishes that may not be so common in our local restaurants. Taqueria Leo’s has a prime shaded picnic area right in front of the truck, too!


TK Chinese & Thai Hot Food | phone (479) 966-8419

When they’re open: Monday-Saturday 11am-6:45pm
When they’re not: closed Sundays
On the menu: pad Thai, crab rangoon, drunken noodles

TK Chinese & Thai has a large menu of Asian-inspired dishes and fusion options (like curry fried rice!) that are sure to be a hit with anyone that enjoys the region’s cuisine. Portions here are large and extra-fresh, so come hungry and bring your friends. You’ll find a very “family food truck” vibe here, with friendly faces to take your order. The menu keeps expanding at this reliably delicious Chinese & Thai food truck, so be sure to visit often!


 Mrs. Mildred’s Kitchen | Instagram | phone (479) 334-8677

When they’re open: Monday 11am-7pm; Tuesday-Wednesday 12-6pm; Saturday 12-7:30pm; Sunday 12-6pm
When they’re not: closed Thursdays & Fridays
On the menu: spicy brisket, loaded baked beans, gooey cake

Mrs. Mildred’s Kitchen is a family business initially inspired by a father’s love of BBQ. Today, those wonderful flavors burst to life from the kitchen of this charming food truck. You’ll taste the soul behind these scratch recipes on the very first bite! Try favorites like chicken legs, corn casserole, and rib plates or explore BBQ-adjacent dishes like Mrs. Mildred’s mac and bean bowl for a filling and satisfying meal.


El Italiano | website | phone (479) 366-8062

When they’re open: Wednesday-Sunday 12-8pm
When they’re not: closed Mondays & Tuesdays
On the menu: lemon shrimp, meatball marinara, summer pasta

El Italiano proudly describes themselves as “an Italian food truck with a Mexican ‘TWIST’”. The menu is full of fusion items, including their most popular, the Razorpasta. Chicken, bacon, shrimp, penne pasta, a creamy secret sauce and a hint of spice come together for a uniquely Fayetteville dish that you’ve gotta experience! Anything on the menu can be customized for your spice tolerance - choose from classic, mild, spicy, or extra spicy when you order.


Kin Zabb | website | Instagram | Facebook | phone (479) 900-8066

When they’re open: Monday-Saturday 11:30am-8:00pm; Sunday 12-8pm
When they’re not: breakfast time
On the menu: Razorback roll, sushi bowls, pork dumplings

Long live lakeside sushi? At Kin Zabb, why not! Select from a wide variety of options, with dishes ranging the gamut from hot Thai favorites to made-to-order sushi. The list of specialty sushi rolls offered at this family owned food truck is impressive - and the taste even more so! You can stay as tame or get as wild as you’d like, all at a very reasonable price point.

How to find the food trucks at Lake Fayetteville:

Put this address in your map for general GPS directions to the Lake Fayetteville food truck court: 4782 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72764 (map linked here).

Heading north on N College Ave (also US Highway 71N or S Thompson St), turn right onto E Lake Fayetteville Rd and follow it to the gravel lot entrance. The frontage road begins at Lokomotion Family Fun Park, but the closest access point to the food court entrance falls at approximately 4674 S Thompson St. (map linked here)

The gravel lot in front of the food trucks offers plenty of space for parking, with an easy loop exit back out to E Lake Fayetteville Rd.

Turn off N College Ave onto E Lake Fayetteville Rd:

Follow E Lake Fayetteville Rd to the gravel lot entrance:

Access to Lake Fayetteville Food Truck Court & gravel parking lot:

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