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Best Pies in Fayetteville

PIE. A simple, unassuming little word—yet the very mention of it conjures up such happy emotion! Meringue, cream, fruit, chocolate, crisp, nut, silk, caramel and even savory…do you lean toward a perfect flaky crust, perhaps the classic graham cracker or, dare we say it, fried into a heavenly, crunchy packet of goodness? We could argue for days about which is the best, but that would be precious time lost when considering how many glorious pie options exist for the tasting in Fayetteville. Here are a few for you to conquer:

Rymolene’s Pies

This unassuming little shop is located at 955 N. Shiloh and the moment you open the front door you’re greeted with a large whiteboard covered with an ever-changing and shockingly long handwritten list of the day’s pie selections. Once you’ve studied your practically endless options, move on to the glass case to gawk at what you’re about to undertake. Wondering about the unique name? It’s a combination of the owner’s children’s names, RYan, MOrgan and alLENE, and her promise is that every pie is baked with love and care.

Fork and Crust Pie Co.

Located in one of the cutest old houses in town at 600 N. Mission, you’ll find this popular spot in an established central Fayetteville neighborhood. Pie is serious business at Fork and Crust, and you have the option to choose a slice, a whole pie, and even petite or mini pies. Can’t decide? Get a sampler. Feeling adventurous? Try a Pie Shake! If you find you can’t wait for your next visit to Fayetteville to enjoy another helping, select pies can even be shipped to arrive at your door.

Harvest Moon Pies

When the pie craving hits and you simply have to grab a slice on the run, locals will tell you to swing by the kitschy little 1962 Airstream trailer at 1889 N. College to get your tasty fix. In addition to traditional sweet and savory pie fare, Harvest Moon specializes in perfectly decadent little hand pies. Customers rave about the crust, which should come as no surprise since the recipes used “combine generations of tradition and family secrets along with the freshest ingredients and flavors.”

Rolling Pin Cafe

If you love a down home café where regulars are known by name and an impressive array of John Wayne memorabilia is sure to capture your attention, ordering a slice of house made fruit or cream pie at the Rolling Pin will not disappoint. In business for nearly three decades and located at 2565 E. Huntsville, the vibe is friendly and fun. Get an online order in early to have your own pies made for pick up, and you will never arrive at a Razorback tailgate party empty-handed!

Village Inn

Utter the word “pie” in the middle of the week, and anyone in town will tell you to head straight to Village Inn at 3364 N. College—where pie is actually free with each dine-in meal for twelve glorious hours between 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Wednesdays. The array of options is dazzling any day of the week, and best of all, they’re open 24 hours a day to ensure everyone from late night-loving college students to early-rising seniors get some tasty baked goodness.

Rick’s Bakery

Luscious pies are just a small part of the spectacular array of baked goodies produced fresh every day at Rick’s Bakery, operating to the sheer delight of young and old since 1980. Walking into Rick’s for the first time provides a truly wonderful assault to the senses, and we recommend allowing time to just wander a bit and enjoy the atmosphere. Located at 1220 N. College, this bakery is a favorite daily routine for locals on the way to work or school, as well as a Saturday morning tradition for families.

And while the places we’ve described all make pie a top priority on their menus, there are plenty of other establishments which sneak a bit of sweet homemade pie nirvana into the mix. Don’t miss the house-made treats at Southern Food Co. at 3575 W. Wedington—or more than a half-dozen flavors of locally made Letha’s Old-Fashioned Fried Pies served up fresh with ice cream at BürgerHaüs, 1139 N. Lendell.

Pack your elastic waist pants, y’all. Fayetteville, Arkansas pie is second to none!

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Marketing Manager