Fayetteville's Wilson Park Castle

If you’ve ever considered visiting a castle, be sure to make space in your FayettePlans for a journey to Wilson Park! There, you’ll find the whimsical “Castle” sculpture that has drawn visitors to Fayetteville since its completion in 1981.

The intricate, imagination-inspiring “Castle” at Wilson Park is surrounded by detailed gardens and overlooks a spring-fed pond. The unique structural piece is completely interactive and invites kids and adults alike to walk, wonder, play, climb, explore, and peer through its many nooks and notches. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most loved and well recognized landmarks in all of Fayetteville!

Whimsical and fantastical, the castle and its surrounding structures are built from native stone and concrete, with bits of ceramic tile, colorful stones, and oyster shells providing fun and unexpected pops of color. No matter how many times you visit, you’ll always see something new! That’s especially true if you haven’t made it to Fayetteville for a few years, thanks to local artist Eugene Sargent, who has continued to add elements to the “Castle” over the years.

Most recently, a 12-foot sculpture of intertwining snakes titled “greensnakes in love” was installed atop a sign explaining the castle’s history. Eugene is also the artist behind a series of flowering benches at the park, the 45-foot earthworm that acts as a retaining wall, and the 14-foot long skink sculpted as a reinforcement for the castle’s original stone wall.

Wilson Park itself - Fayetteville’s first and oldest public park - rests on 23 acres in the center of the city, sprawling through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in town. It’s one of our most beloved green spaces and we insist you see why for yourself! The park and the “Castle” are worth a visit in every season so you can experience the changing backgrounds of the gardens - but you’ll get some truly glorious photos when the maple trees lining the park begin to change colors in the fall!

No matter the season, be sure to pack your hammock! There’s no better place in town than Wilson Park to stretch out and stare into the trees. After your castle adventures, post-castle nap, and vitamin D recharge, find a nearby Fayetteville eatery to round out your royally exciting day. No ocean-crossing required!

Wilson Park and the “Castle” are located at 675 N Park Ave in Fayetteville, Arkansas. “Point 7” (aka The Wilson Park Castle) was created by Fayetteville artist Frank Williams and completed in 1981. For more information, visit fayetteville-ar.gov.

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