So You’re Hungry in Fayetteville, AR on a Monday?

If you’ve ever traveled to cities like Fayetteville, AR that are known for their culinary scene and downright good food, you may have experienced this phenomenon: if you’re going out to eat on a Monday, you’ll find a lot of restaurants closed!

Fayetteville locals know that one of the trade-offs for living somewhere with incredible lunch and dinner options is leaving space for the hardworking staff at those eateries to recover. In Fayetteville, that space translates into Mondays with slightly fewer options to dine! However, that shouldn’t discourage you – in fact, dining out on a Monday in Fayetteville, AR is a great way to experience delicious food on a less-trafficked day of the week, often with great deals and specials, too.

In a flavor mecca like Fayetteville, fewer is still plenty, luckily! We’ve rounded up a list of some options for dining out when that pesky Monday hunger comes knocking to get you started:

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